Dealing with Dr Timothy Tan, Cardiologist.
One of our readers reports that, after he'd found that his pulse rate had suddenly jumped from being over 120 20% of the time to 60-70% of the time," he thought that, in the face of conflicting advice, he might try booking himself into the Westmead Government hospital, which he did on the night of Thursday, 5 May, 2016.
He says that this seemed to work spectacularly well in that after he was put onto the Digoxin drip in the hospital, and prescribed 1 Digoxin tablet a day, (no one had ever mentioned Digoxin before,) his pulse rate almost halved almost over night.
As part of his treatment he was provided with a consultation with a visiting Cardiologist, Dr Timothy Tan - he's not sure what part Dr Tan had played, if any, in his being put onto the Digoxin drip, but he certainly endorsed the prescription of 1 Digoxin tablet a day.
Arising out of all this, this was sent in an email to Dr Tan on Tue, 10 May 2016.
No acknowlegement, let alone a response.
Then this was sent to him in an email on 12 May 2016.
No acknowlegement, let alone a response.
Then on 19 Oct 2017, this was sent in an email to him
On 26 Jun 2018, a further email was sent to him including a copy of the 19 Oct 2017 email and concluding with:-
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