Choosing a Sydney Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)
This page is for those of us who believe that the best Cardiologists (Heart Specialists) for us to at least have an initial consultation with are likely to be those, who, if we send them a letter by email outlining any medical problem/problems we are experiencing, asking whether helping people with this problem/problems is one of their "areas of specialisation," and hoping for a yes or no answer, come back to us with the most satisfactory responses.
To us, if a Cardiologist, or any other doctor, or anyone else for that matter, provides a good response, themselves or through others on their behalf, it indicates four things - firstly, that they are into communication and are capable with it, (many doctors aren’t like that when you’re sitting right in front of them,) secondly that they, or someone within their organisation, has the job of providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails, EXTREMELY important if you are to go on and become one of their patients, thirdly, that they are prepared to stand behind what they do and say - it’s harder not to stand behind things that have been put in writing, and fourthly, that they are prepared to make sending them letters as easy and convenient as possible, and fifthly, that they have moved on from the last century.
We've listed a number of Cardiologists who have ordinary email addresses, below, to help you and us in sending out such emails - we're adding names to this list from time to time as we continue our research.
Those who have a *** beside their name have a personal email address.
Aggarwal, Dr Gunjan:
Arronis, Dr Con:
Brahmbhatt, Dr Rajesh:
Brown, Dr A/Prof Martin:
Cheruvu, Dr Chaitu:
***Chik, Dr William:
***Chong, Dr James:
Cranney, Dr Greg:
***Figtree, Professor Gemma:
***Fitzpatrick, Dr Drew:
Freeman, Dr Anthony:,
***Friedman, Dr Daniel:
Fulcher, Dr Jordan:
Gomes, Dr Sean:
Holloway, Dr A/Prof Cameron:
Hopkins, Dr Andrew:
Healey, Dr James:
***Jeremy, Dr Richmond:
Kilborn, Dr Michael:
Kiat, Professor Hosen:
Lattimore, Dr Jo-Dee:
McCrohon, Dr A/Prof Jane:
***Rasmussen, Professor Helge:
Renganathan, Dr Thanneer:
***Shafransky, Dr Albert:
Singarayar, Dr Suresh:
Swaraj, Dr Kiran:
***Thomas, Professor Lisa:
Tso, Dr Colin:
Walker, Dr Ross:
Wilcox, Dr Ian:
Youssef, Dr George:
Sydney Cardiology Practices
Cardiac Care Centre (Hurstville & Wetherill Park) OEA
Doctors - Rajesh Brahmbhatt & Young Yu
To see twelve more, use this link.
Cardiologists with own websites
Gomes, Dr Sean:
Shafransky, Dr Albert:
Email us at:
Created: 9 Dec 2017 Worked on: 15 Dec 2017