Choosing a Sydney Neurosurgeon or Neurologist
This page is for those of us who believe that the best Neurosurgeons and Neurologsts for us, to at least have an initial consultation with, are likely to be those, who, if we send them a letter by email outlining a medical problem as we can best describe it, asking whether helping people with this problem is one of their areas of expertise, and hoping for a yes or no answer, come back to us with the most satisfactory responses.
To us, if a Neurosurgeon or Neurologist, or any other doctor, or anyone else, for that matter, provides a good response, themselves or through others on their behalf, it indicates three things - firstly, that they are into communication and are capable with it, (many doctors aren’t like that when you’re sitting right in front of them,) secondly that they, or someone within their organisation, has the job of providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails, important if you are to become one of their patients, and thirdly, that they are prepared to stand behind what they do and say - it’s harder not to stand behind things that have been put in writing.
We find that often, to get even 1 response, 10 or more emails have to be sent out - but if their email addresses are on hand, it doesn't take long to send out 10 or 20 emails, and you usually only need one doctor don't you.
We have listed a number of Neurosurgeons and Neurologists, with their email details below - we've just started with this and we're adding to it all the time.
At the top we have listed those who, in terms of their responses to emails sent to them by us and others, seem to us to have provided better responses than those listed second. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send emails to those mentioned second - you may get on better than we have.
Aggarwall, Dr A/Prof Arun, email form
Burrell, Dr James,,
Eftekhar, Dr A/Prof Behzad,,
McMaster, Dr Jacqueline,
Nicholson, Professor Garth,
Simon, Dr Neil,
Pollard, Professor John,
Pope, Dr Raoul,
Van Gelder, Dr A/Prof James,
Wenderoth, Dr Jason,,
Brennan, Dr Jeffrey, Has own website, but there is no email address or email form on it. And the email address - - shown on the RPA page where it's indicated that he is available to be consulted doesn't work.
Brew, Prof Bruce, Unable to locate an email address or email form.
Corbett, Dr Professor Alastair,
Cordato, Dr Dennis,
Darveniza, Dr A/Prof Paul,
Dexter, Dr Mark, Unable to locate an email address or email form.
Fung, Dr A/Prof Victor,
Hanna, Dr Ibrahim, Unable to locate an email address or email form.
Kiernan, Dr Professor Matthew,
Krishnan, Dr Professor Arun,
Markus, Dr A/Prof,
Parratt, Dr John,
Rail, Dr David, Unable to locate an email address or email form.
Reddel, Stephen,
Spies, Dr Judith,
Titsch, Dr Stephen,
Tomlinson, Dr Susan,
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