We've mentioned before that the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission receives well over 100 complaints a month about NSW doctors, but how that in only less than one of these a month - about eight a year - is it accepted that a doctor hasn't done a very good job, so that some sort of sanction needs to be applied to him or her, and a Media Release needs to be issued, so that the people of NSW can get to know the facts of the matter, in case they want to base any action on them. In 98-99% of cases, no matter how serious the allegations in the complaint, they are dismissed as having no basis.
Well today, on 17 Feb 2016, in this Media Release, we have an example of one of the eight.
Typically the eight are NEVER about a mainstream doctor - the doctor in this case was practicing more than 500 kms from Sydney.
And typically it took well over 3 years from the events complained of, which took place in the 16 days up to 28 Nov 2012, when the patient died, until the Media Release - although quite often it takes longer, perhaps much longer, than this.
The doctor's failings sound horrendous - that he:-
and the punishment that was handed out for all this? Dr Valansi was CAUTIONED.
Sounds like "being hit over the wrist by a wet lettuce leaf," as the old saying goes.
There must be SO many doctors who have SO many laughs as to how much they can get away with.
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Created: 17 Feb 2016